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About Mark Laurence Christmas



  • Favorite Christmas Song:  Mary’s Boy Child by Boney M.
  • Favorite Christmas Movie:  Love Actually.
  • Milk and Cookies or Spiked Egg Nog:  Spiked Egg Nog, but not for the kids. 
  • Are you a Christmas Shopper in July or Mad Dasher the Night Before:  The second week of December.
  • Who would be on your Ugly Christmas Sweater…Santa, Rudolph or Frosty:  Frosty, you can’t make Santa or Rudolph ugly!
  • Fancy Matching Ornaments or Kid-Made Macaroni Necklaces on the Tree:  Macaroni necklaces, I like the homemade family decorations the best.
  • Which would you rather have… A White Christmas or snow all winter:  I’m dreaming of a one-day White Christmas.


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