Sue's Entertainment Update: Surprise Musical Cameo On Game Of Thrones!!

For all you Game of Throners... there was a HUGE musical cameo in last night's episode!



Disney Parks Name Star Wars Lands Galaxy’s Edge

Disney’s new Star Wars-themed lands at Disney World and Disneyland will be called “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Both are expected to open in 2019. Galaxy’s Edge focuses on two major rides allowing guests to lead their own adventures. The first is a battle between the Resistance and the First Order. The second allows riders to take control of the Millennium Falcon. Galaxy’s Edge is all about the guest experience and won’t focus on any specific film or character arc in the franchise. Instead, they’re building a brand new, unnamed planet. The new planet is set on the outer rim of the galaxy, hence the name Galaxy’s Edge.

Everyone’s talking about the Season 7 premiere of GOT last night. It did not disappoint. The opening scene was what fans have been waiting for, I’ll just say that so we don’t give anything away to those who DVRd it. Also, yes that WAS Ed Sheeran playing one of the Kings Landing soldiers. I thought it was an actor who looked strikingly similar but Kendra and I were texting and she set me straight. It is him. We have a clip of it on our MAGIC Facebook page.


Miley Cyrus is celebrating being named cover girl for the August issue of "Harper's Bazaar" magazine.  Inside the magazine's pages, the "Malibu" singer explains her recent change of musical direction, saying she just wants people to see "that this is who I am right now."  Cyrus has dumped the bad girl, sexy image and sort of gone back to her good-girl country roots. Cyrus admits she's heard some fans say they want the old Miley back. Not me, I like this version!


Taylor Swift is back on Instagram, we haven’t heard from her since early May. Swift returned a few days ago to promote her friend Selena Gomez's new single "Fetish" Swift posted the cover art of the single along with the caption, "Sultry pop magic from this dreamy almost-birthday-girl."


Legendary actor Martin Landau died over the weekend. Among his credits, North by Northwest and Ed Wood, he got an Oscar for that. He was 89.  Also, that stuntman from Walking Dead who suffered a traumatic head injury passed away. (John Bernecker) Cast and crew were understandably pretty shaken. They temporarily suspended production.