Sleeping With A "Blankie" or "Teddy Bear" Helps You DO THIS As Adults!

Did you ever sleep with a blankie or favorite stuffed animal? Sue was traumatized as a child because her mom threw away her favorite sleeping buddy!!


According to a recent survey, over 2,000 Americans were asked about their past sleeping habits and how they affect their lives — and relationships — today. The survey found that of the respondents who slept with a stuffed animals, 72 % said they toss and turn as adults because they are without their “comfort”. And the people who still slept with stuffed animals as adults were the least likely to snore as adults.

The survey also asked people how they would feel about being with someone who still slept with a stuffed animal. While not many people were bothered by their partner sleeping with pets, stuffed animals or teddy bears, 29 % were uncomfortable with dolls.