MMP: Real-Life Wedding Crashers Caught After Taking Selfies

(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for BRIDES)

Two real-life Wedding Crashers were arrested after they stole wedding gifts- then posted a selfie on social media!

And then we found out, our very own Sue Tabb CRASHED A WEDDING with her girlfriends!


The Spokane Valley Police Department says detectives arrested Joshua Davies and Sierra Davies yesterday. Officers received a report Sunday that a box of wedding cards and gifts had been stolen from a hotel ballroom. Police say no one saw the theft but the couple discovered a selfie of two unknown guests while reviewing photos which guests were required to take before entering the reception. Police say investigators tracked the suspects down at a hotel after the married couple posted the picture on social media and forwarded tips about their identities. Sierra Davies allegedly told police she and Joshua were hungry and didn't have any money. She also allegedly said they had watched the movie "Wedding Crashers" and thought it would be fun to do.


Couple arrested for stealing wedding gifts from Spokane Valley reception

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash --- Thursday morning, the Spokane Valley Property Crimes Unit arrested two people in connection to the theft of wedding gifts from a reception earlier in the week. On August 6, 2017, a victim reported a box of wedding cards/gifts was stolen from the couple's wedding reception in the ballroom of the Mirabeau Park Hotel in Spokane Valley.