Move Over Romper... Introducing, "The Romp Him"

The Male Romper Is Here, and You Can Pee in It

Yesterday, the Internet went bonkers for a Kickstarter project hocking rompers for dudes. The RompHim, which is currently dividing Americans in debate, has already surpassed its Kickstarter goal nearly seven times over (at the time this article was published they had made over $68,000 dollars in less than two days).

Some times... fashion goes too far. And THIS is a perfect example.


The ladies' romper now has a male equivalent: The RompHim.

With just one piece, you've got an entire outfit that's meant to look carefree, casual and right on-trend. But as all ladies who have attempted to wear this style to a party or (heaven forbid) a music festival know, part of wearing a romper is decidedly not easy. And that is using the bathroom. It's simply on or it's off. There is no in-between. That's basically the only difference on this new man romper, named the RompHim. The RompHim borrows popular men's clothing design elements — like a shirt pocket, an adjustable waist tab and, yes, a zip fly — and pairs them with a style that shows off a rarely seen patch of man thigh…. For $119. In two days, more than 500 backers have already pledged a staggering $50,000 — five times the requested fundraising goal. Looks like this is officially happening, with a tentative launch in July.