Move Over Match & eHarmony... There's A New Dating App... For Dog Lovers.

(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Every dog is different, and so is every person looking for a dog. What if you could discover which dog is your soulmate? Now you can.


How I Met My Dog. It works like Match or eHarmony, fitting humans with dogs based on what really matters: personality, lifestyle and behavior. They also help people who want to find a new home for a dog they just can't live with anymore, so far has partnered with 24 Boston-area shelters and rescues.

The plan is to role it out nationally by the end of the year. A person looking to adopt fills out what the founders call a "PET profile" for personality, expectations and training style. Are you a couch potato or an active athlete? Do you want a dog that gets along with children? Are you a disciplinarian when training a dog or more laid back?

The dog profiles are completed either by the shelter staff or the current owner.

Don't just adopt a dog. Adopt your dog | How I Met My Dog

We believe every dog should have its day, and with How I Met My Dog that day can last a lifetime.