Halloween Christmas Trees Are Trending!


If you look closely, you can see my girls faces on those black kitties. They were made by my talented friend Viv. Thank you, @vivianneroni these ornaments always make me smile. #craftyfriends #bloggingfriends #halloweenaddict #halloweendecorations #halloweentree

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For many people the first of December, is when the Christmas tree goes up and the decorating begins. But a new trend is seeing some people putting up their trees a couple of months before the start of December — in time for Halloween.


Halloween Christmas trees, as the name implies, are not covered in candy canes, tinsel and festive baubles. Instead, they are decorated with cobwebs, skulls and ornaments shaped like jack-o-lanterns. There may even be a witch sitting atop the tree.

New Halloween tree trend

A new trend sees Christmas trees with a difference go up in time for Halloween.