Everything In This Online Grocery Store Costs Only $3

 (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Are you a brand-name person? If you're not... then we found THE PERFECT grocery store for you- where everything only costs $3!!


Brandless, a new online grocery store with the tagline, One big mission. One little $3 price. Who says better needs to cost more? Sells everything you’d find at a typical supermarket (like food, drinks, beauty products, oral care, etc) but with a catch. Nothing costs more than $3.They don't sell brand names, which saves them the "brand tax" that can drive up prices. Of course, you will have to pay for shipping (a $9 flat fee, unless you rack up a bill of $72 or more, in which case it's free). They also donate one meal to Feeding America every time you head to the checkout.

Better Everything. For Everyone. All $3.

At Brandless-we know your values matter. That's why our team creates the most A M A Z I N G products with a "just what matters" philosophy-often non-GMO, organic, and also sometimes fair trade, kosher, gluten free, no added sugar and more.