EW...Collette Divitto-Founder and CEO of Colette's Cookies

Sue Tabb interviews Collette Divitto, founder and CEO of Collette’s Cookies.  Collette is a young woman born with Down Syndrome who decided that after years of being rejected in job interviews to open her own company.  Collette was determined to show everyone how capable people with (dis) abilities are, and to open production facilities across the country and employ thousands of people with different abilities!  Collette's story was picked up by local TV and within days, she had over 9.5 million views on Facebook, and over 50,000 cookies ordered.  She received over 65,000 letters from people all over the world, admiring her determination and ambition and finding her inspirational offering them hope.  Collette has been featured on CBS Nightly News, Good Morning America, Self Magazine, Boston Food Journal and local Universities.  Don’t miss this candid conversation!