These Beach Wine Glasses ARE GENIUS!!!!

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These two guys... Jason Klinge and David D'Agostino invented the single greatest thing ever. A wine glass that sticks in the sand, doesn't topple over and even floats with you in the water.


In fact, their entire company wouldn't exist if it weren't for a total party foul-turned-Eureka-moment: They were hanging out by the beach, sipping wine, when the base fell off one of the glasses, leaving just the spike of a stem in its place. They started experimenting with designs, creating an acrylic cup that wouldn't crack if dropped — and could float. The Beach Glass is available in two different styles and 11 colors- range in price from $9-42.

The Beach Glass Outdoor Drinkware Evolved

The Beach Glass Acrylic Drinkware - Outdoor Drinkware Evolved. Acrylic wine glasses for use on sand, grass, and snow. Patented ball and pointed stem