EW...2017 Gracie Award Winning Submission-Then You Stand

Sue Tabb profiles three women who have stood in the face of adversity, who have risen up to challenges and who continue to stand for what they believe in, always being true to who they are. They define “exceptional” in ways that go beyond any definition we could find.

Drew Barrymore was a wildly popular child star with a soaring career but a troubled home life that caused her to emancipate from her mother at 14.  Despite a difficult journey in young adulthood, she managed to turn her life around, maintaining a successful career as an actress, author and mother of two.

Aileen Routh lost her six year old daughter, Avalanna, to pediatric brain cancer.  Despite the horrific pain of that loss, she started a non-profit to fund research to find a cure.

Mara Wilson, best known for her roles in “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Matilda,” left acting as a young adult after facing rejection from Hollywood and the effects of anxiety and peer isolation.  She is now a writer who is standing up to tell her story of struggle and ultimate self-discovery.