The Pope's Choir!

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The Cathedral of Saint Joseph Parish Choir & Saint Anselm College Choirto open the evening with special performance

The Pope’s Choir from Rome, The Sistine Chapel Choir will perform during their much-anticipated U.S. National Tour at the Wang Theatre in Boston on July 17. Manchester, New Hampshire based The Cathedral of Saint Joseph Parish Choir and Saint Anselm College Choir will open the evening with a special performance. 

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The angelic voices of the Sistine Chapel Choir have garnered critical acclaim and recognition as they travel and perform around the globe. Through its liturgical music, the Choir communicates a message of peace and closeness among people, even if they are of other faiths or other religious confessions. Choir images and announcement video.

Serving as the Pope’s personal choir, today, the 1500-year old Sistine Chapel Choir is the oldest and most respected active choir in the world today. Officially known as the Cappella Musicale Pontificia Sistina, part of the Choir’s significance is due to its endurance through several centuries, including the Renaissance, which was a fundamental period for the Choir as it found its “theatre” in the Sistine Chapel.

The choir is comprised of a highly accomplished group of 20 professional singers, chosen from all around the world. The treble section, known as the Pueri Cantores, is made up of 35 boys aged between 9 and 13, who are selected through rigorous auditions.  They are known for playing an active part during papal celebrations in St Peter’s Basilica and in the Sistine Chapel itself.

The Cathedral of Saint Joseph Parish Choir from Manchester, New Hampshire, is a semi-professional group serving the Cathedral parish and larger Diocesan community. Boasting 45 choristers, the Cathedral Parish Choir’s repertoire ranges from Gregorian chant and polyphonic works by Renaissance composers through to quality, modern-day compositions. 

The Saint Anselm College Choir is the official choral ensemble representing Saint Anselm College located in Manchester, New Hampshire. Comprised of over 50 students from varying majors, the choir serves the Benedictine college community through weekly Eucharistic celebrations and seasonal concerts.