Where's my MAGIC Music?

During the Christmas season, MAGIC 106.7 will be playing Christmas music as Boston's Christmas Station. If you want to listen to Today's Hit and Yesterday's Favorites, you're in luck.

We will be playing MAGIC music on our HD2 station. How do I get to listen to HD2 you ask? Well in the listen live button (which is located above what you are reading right now), you can select from the drop down menu to begin listening to Today's Hits & Yesterday's Favorites.

What if I am on a mobile device?

If you're on a mobile device, you can download the Radio.com app in the iTunes or Google Play stores. 

But what about listening in my car?

MAGIC 106.7 broadcasts in HD to give you the highest quality sound. When you tune your car radio into 106.7, you will see an HD logo next to it. When you see that bright orange logo, it will say HD 1 of 2 which means there are 2 HD stations for MAGIC 106.7 available on your radio.  Turn your tuning dial one notch to the right and you will get Today's Hits and Yesterday's Favorites.