#MorningMAGIC: THIS Is How You Should Light Your Christmas Tree

Your Christmas tree is in the stand freshly watered and it's ready for decorations. But just how should you string those lights?

TODAY Show expert Francesco Bilotto is sharing his secrets for getting the ultimate sparkle and shine from your Christmas tree lights, and it's all about thinking vertically.

Should you be hanging your Christmas tree lights VERTICALLY?!

Most people uncoil their Christmas lights around the tree, working around it, but one design expert says you should actually hang them vertically. TODAY's Savannah Guthrie gives it a try in the studio, and she and some of her co-anchors give the method a thumbs up.


Instead of stringing those lights from side to side, Bilotto recommends starting at the top of the tree (with the end of the light that doesn't have a plug going at the top) and working your way down the front in a vertical line, leaving three to four inches between each strand. Leave the plug at the bottom to allow each strand to seamlessly plug into a power cord.  "The reason I like doing this is if you go around in a circle, the lights tend to go in," Bilotto said. With his method, the lights stay on the tips of the branches, making a beautiful illuminated display that will only be magnified with your decorative ornaments.