David Allan Boucher...What Happened To Autumn?

What happened to autumn? Is this it?

When I drive into the station around this time of year, I usually am taken aback by the lush fall foliage. To be honest, I have been waiting for the “peak” foliage, and I have not been “wowed” this year yet. Looks like the leaves change based on temperature and not my calendar and the recent warm September has things a little behind schedule. While the White Mountains may be in peak color…it looks like it’s not quite here yet in Massachusetts. However, as we head into the end of October, you may have to look quick before the leaves all fall to the ground!

Why New England's peak fall foliage is a little later than usual...


“Around this time each year, New Englanders start asking questions about fall foliage. Everyone wants to know if the region’s foliage is going to be any good, and when to plan around peak viewing days and weekends.”