Nancy Quill...Football Hall Of Fame

What an awesome, AWESOME, time we had last night! I was invited to attend the press night for Gridiron Glory at the Museum Of Science. Hey if it’s about football, I’m there!

Roger and I went to see the coolest collection of football paraphernalia, from the very beginning of the sport to today. Thanks to the Football Hall Of Fame we got to see everything from Jim Thorpe’s sideline blanket to Gronk’s game jersey from when he tied the NFL record for the most tight end receptions. What I want to know is how did these guys play in the early days with such flimsy uniforms? Those leather helmets, yikes! They’re also on display.

We had fun with the interactive exhibits, too, passing footballs, testing our instant replay accuracy in the booth, reacting to the snap. It was a blast!

We even did some tailgating (you have to tailgate at a football event, right?)...and hanging out with former Patriots greats Steve Grogan, Paul Francisco and Matt Chatham was pretty cool too.

Now, as I get ready for the Pats-Jets game on Sunday. I’ll watch with a new appreciation for the game, thinking of the history, and the players, coaches and owners of the past that gave us a reason to serve chicken wings and potato skins on Sundays. Go Pats!