Cool or Creepy??? Walmart To Deliver Your Food AND Put It Away For You!!

Getting groceries delivered to your home is not new. But what about having someone that you don't know come into your house to put away the food?


Walmart is doing just that. It announced Friday that it's testing a so-called straight into your fridge service -- and you can watch it happen on your phone thanks to cameras installed in your house.

Why the Future Could Mean Delivery Straight Into Your Fridge

We're testing new concepts like delivering packages inside customers' homes and putting groceries away in their refrigerators.


The customers taking part in the trial can buy products from, including groceries. Once the order is placed, a driver from the same-day delivery goes to pick up the items. If you aren't home when the driver rings the doorbell, the driver will receive a one-time passcode for the smart lock that was already authorized by the customer.

The customer will also be notified when the doorbell rings so they can watch on the doorbell cam.

The app also links to other cameras that may be installed in the house, like those from Google/Alphabet-owned Nest, so that consumer can watch the driver drop off packages and even put the food away in the kitchen.

Once the driver leaves, the door locks automatically.