David Allan Boucher...I Don't Want To Be Lonely

Is there anything good about loneliness?  If there is, it might be the knowledge that everybody has felt lonely at some time or another.  (Do you know someone who has never felt lonely at one time?  I don't!)

Sometimes, after saying goodnight to the night crew at the radio station, walking out of out of the building, into the darkness of Boston every night, gives me a lonely feeling..

For most of us, loneliness comes and goes. For most of us it's a passing phase, and we know it.  Quite often, when I am feeling lonely at the end of the day, and I turn out the lights in the bedroom, I know tomorrow I will feel better.  (Although there are some people who like being along, and in solitude with their thoughts.  Sometimes it can be peaceful.)

The knowledge that we can help other not to feel lonely is a wonderful thought.  Sometimes a phone call, a smile, meeting for coffee, expressing an interest, of finding a way to tell someone "you matter" and  "I care" can do wonders.

There are some people that are lonely all the time. Some people suffer from chronic loneliness.  It's there all the time, and it festers.  Sometimes it can be a downward spiral...the lonelier we feel, the less we want to interact with others.  Festering is never good.  Loneliness leads to anxiety, and sometimes depression.  And now we are finding that it can lead to physical health issues as well.  Make it a point to reach out to someone who might be lonely.

Why loneliness is more dangerous than obesity, and without taking action, it's only likely to get worse. "The antidote to

loneliness is activity," Walfish said.  "Going outside, doing chores in the house or meeting someone for dinner."