You Can Buy The House That Inspired Stephen King’s Pet Sematary

Are you a Stephen King fan? Well, you could buy the 4 bedroom Orrington, Maine house that inspired Stephen King’s "Pet Sematary." It's currently on the market for $255,000.

Stephen King's 'Pet Sematary' was inspired by this house - and it's for sale

If your philosophy is, "Home is where the horror is," then this four-bedroom in Orrington, Maine is perfect for you. It's the house that inspired Stephen King's super scary "Pet Sematary," and it's currently on the market for $255,000.



King was renting the home in 1979 when he came up with the idea for the novel that was later adapted to film. The home “bordered a major truck route which frequently claimed the lives of dogs and cats,” King explains. “In the woods behind his house, local children had created an informal pet cemetery.” After his daughter’s cat was killed by a passing truck, he buried it in the pet cemetery and 3 days later came up with the spooky idea for the now-famous book.