David Allan Boucher...Thoughts on Phones

Nothing emphasizes the difference between men and women like the telephone. and I’m not talking about the stereotype that women like to chat and men like to have quick informative conversations.  (I know men that will talk your ear off, and women who insist on getting straight to the point).

It seems to me that women are good at “call counting”….you know, who called who last, how many times each of you has called the other over the last months.  Women know that you ended the last conversation with “I’ll talk to you this weekend” and then didn’t call until Tuesday.  Women know it’s been 4.5 days since you last talked on the phone.  4.5 days is far too long to go without a phone call…and all her girlfriends will back her up that she is right!

Hopefully this kind of obsessiveness ends as a relationship gets comfortable.

Men, it seems, really don’t know who called who last.  😉

I had a friend who once professed that phones are a killer in any relationship!  😉

5 Ways Your Phone Will Get You Dumped

“A growing body of research indicates that your cell phone habits could be sinking your relationship”