Nancy Quill...Delicious No Bake Cake

I’ll admit, I’m just not talented at making fancy desserts. But my sister, Barbara, has the knack for coming up with scrumptious sweets. My mother had the same talent. She, in fact, made wedding and special occasion cakes that could rival the finest bakeries.

This past Father’s Day, my sister arrived at our house with this beautiful yet simple no bake cake that was absolutely delicious. Yes it really did taste as good as it looked but seriously, this cake had wow factor. A dessert so photogenic you could almost say “who cares how it tastes”. But luckily that was not the case. It was yummy, made with chocolate wafers, a sweet cream filling and my favorite, raspberries!

Well, ever since I posted a photo of it on Instagram and Facebook, there’s been a lot of interest in exactly how to make this gorgeous sweet delight. So here you go. Maybe even I will attempt to make it. Although I can always call my sister and have her whip it up!