David Allan Boucher...What Works In A Relationship

In my internet surfing I came across some interesting info, and it got me to thinking about relationships...I wanted to share it with you.

We’ve all asked ourselves the question:  Why is it that some couples seem so happy, regardless of life situations?

We’ve all heard the speculations that some couples are “simply well matched” individuals.  Is that it?  Are they doing something different?  What is their secret?  What works?

A National Survey identified the Top Ten Strengths of Happy Marriages and discovered some new areas not found important in past studies of marriage.

The top five categories in rank order of importance were communication, coupleflexibility, couple closeness, personality issues and conflict resolution.

Here are the questions…..you can ask yourself (and your special someone?)!  😉

Top Ten Strengths of Happy Couples

  1.  I am very satisfied with how we talk to each other - 90%
  2. We are creative in how we handle our differences - 78%
  3. We feel very close to each other - 98%
  4. My partner is seldom too controlling - 78%
  5. When discussing problems, my partner understands my opinions and ideas - 87%
  6. I am completely satisfied with the amount of affection from my partner - 72%
  7. We have a good balance of leisure time spent together and separately - 71%
  8. My partner’s friends or family rarely interfere with our relationship - 81%
  9. We agree on how to spend money - 89%
  10. I am satisfied with how we express spiritual values and beliefs - 89%