David Allan Boucher...To Beard, Or Not To Beard...That Is The Question

I went to an all-boys high school that had a strict dress code that didn’t allow any facial hair.  I decided when I went to college to let nature take its course and grow a beard.  I can still hear my mother complain that her 18 year old boy was “looking like an old man”!  I figured she wanted her baby boy to always have a baby face.   😉

Mom and Dad were from an era where only “old men” had beards (you know, grandpa-types).  But this was the 80’s…and in the music and club scene, young guys were sporting beards (and the legal age for getting into clubs at the time was 18).

Then the world and myself went through a short-hair and clean shaven face period…where the less hair, the better.  (Even chest hair now is seen as something to do away with).

I’ve been around long enough to see this cycle repeat a few times.  They are in, they are out.  Women like guys with facial hair; women don’t like guys with facial hair.

It’s hard to keep track!

Nowadays it seems the full beard is making a comeback.

“Now it seems that facial hair for men is becoming closer to the norm, or at least a relatively well-established trend.  Men now sport everything from closely-cropped stubble to a long, wizard-like beard.”

But the real question for a guy was:  “Do women find it attractive”? 

Well, someone did a little research!

“The results indicated that the women found men with light stubble most attractive.  However, the women perceived male faces with full beards as the most masculine, aggressive, and socially mature; the women also thought these men looked older.  Men's faces with light beards were considered the most dominant."

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