David Allan Boucher...Pet Month (meet my buddies)

Hello All!

If you haven’t met them, let me introduce you to a couple of important guys in my life.  😉

This is Coco (big one) and Chewy (the small one). They are mixed breeds, as I am a big believer in giving homes to dogs that don’t have homes. I think Coco is a mix of Chow and Sheltie. I think Chewy is a mix of a Bichon and a Jack Russell.

They both came to my house through friends who told me they needed a home…Coco first…and then Chewy (even if I kept telling them I HAVE a dog ALREADY!). I never thought I would like a small dog, but small dogs are great on the lap while watching TV…I can give him exercise by throwing the ball down the hallway over and over again. And he’s small enough to sleep on the bed.  😉

Coco, while a gentle soul, will warn me if anyone walk by the house…and as someone who works nights and sleeps late, he insists on alerting me when the mail is delivered or the trash/recycling men come by…or a little girl rides her bike past the house. (WOOF! WOOF!  WOOF!)

Chewy got his name…because he ALWAYS has to have something in his mouth. He’s happy? Grab a sock from the laundry!  Hungry? Bring food from the bowl into the TV room to chew it while we watch the tube together. I have provided tons of squeaky toys and stuffed animals to satisfy that need before he gets to eating my shoes.  😉

The best part though is that no matter how late I come in after leaving the radio station at night…they hear the key in the lock and the doorknob, and give me the best greeting at the end of the day!

Happy National Pet Month!