David Allan Boucher...I Love Movies!

People who know me know I love movies!  Because of the night hours at the station, I don’t always get to see movies when then they are in theaters and creating a buzz.  Besides reading reviews in the newspaper, I always look over the Academy Award winners and the nominees, and if any title looks interesting, I add it to my Netflix list.  Hacksaw Ridge got an award for Best Directing and Best Editing.  I didn’t know much about it otherwise.

It took a while for it to become available on DVD, but I got to see it this weekend.

A little heavy on the gore of war, but a good movie in my book.  I had a few discussions with some folks at the station about whether or not it’s a “feel-good movie.”  (I felt good afterwards, others did not, probably because of all the battle scenes that stick in your head).  I don’t remember seeing Andrew Garfield in anything before, but he really captured the role of Desmond Doss.

But a well-done movie!  Might want to add it to your list