Nancy Quill...Adele and Tom Brady

I was thinking about Adele’s recent comments that her current tour may be her last.  In her words, touring “isn’t something I’m good at…touring may not be my bag.”  It’s hard to believe that she’d actually give up touring for good.  Like delivering a baby; at the time you say you won’t go through it again. Somehow, though, you forget how painful it was and you plan for another birth.

But then there’s Tom Brady.  TB 12 will be 40 in August, and reportedly his goal is to play football into his late 40’s!  That would make him the oldest quarterback to ever play his position.  I guess playing football is still his bag.  And yes, he’s very good at it.

With that said, my hope for these two talented people is this; that Adele will reconsider her statement and that Tom Brady won’t reconsider his!  Read the Brady story here...