Color-Changing Hair Dye Is Now A Thing

Dyeing your hair is a fun way to play around with your look, but what if you get bored with the shade you picked just days after your trip to the salon? That’s what color-changing hair dye is for!

This magical invention lets you shift your color without frying your strands as you go. The innovative product is called FIRE, and according to its creator, Lauren Bowker, “When heat hits the pigment, or if the cool hits the pigment, it changes the bonds of the chemistry to give you a different color, so it’s like a chemical reaction.” Or it’s like magic, if you ask us.

It’s absolutely insane to watch FIRE in action. Take a look:

Colour-changing hair dye reacts to the world around you

The FIRE hair dye, from The Unseen, is designed to be responsive to temperature fluctuations and is available in multiple colour ranges from bright red to subtle pastels. The data used to create the dye stems from the process of thermoregulation in the human skin and the colour change chemical reaction occurs in response to a certain stimuli - in this case, changes in the environment.

Lauren Levine is a freelance writer who has contributed to publications and websites including The Huffington Post, Hello Giggles, Bustle, Thought Catalog, The Charlotte Observer, U.S. News & World Report, and others. She’s also the co-host of The Margarita Confessionals podcast. Say hi on Twitter, @lifewithlauren1.