David Allan Boucher...What Does Your Candy Choice Say About You?

I, for one, think we have too many holidays that seem to involve sweets!  We just finished Valentine’s Day, and now we are headed to Easter!  Even for someone like me who tries to avoid sugary sweets, it’s everywhere!  Hard to resist!

If we are all going to be tempted, we all have a favorite don’t we?  Maybe it’s a memory from childhood (Hershey Bar), a TV commercial (Skybars), or maybe a jingle that has been bouncing in your head for the last 20 years (“Open wide for Chunky!”).

Do you have a candy that always calls your name?

Apparently what kind of Candy you like says something about your personality!


Reese's?:  You love to eat, and there is no chance you are sharing your candy.  You are slightly greedy, but have really good taste.  Be careful not to be too greedy!

Lost to chew on here, but what about NECCO Wafers? (made for a long time right across the river in Camgbridge!)