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Where In The World Is Sam Smith?

In 2015, Sam Smith won 4 Grammy's, but in 2017, he's nowhere in sight. We investigate. 

According to Sam's social media posts, he's been pretty unplugged. No posting of his personal life, no nothing. He did mention he would be logging off for a bit, which happened to be on March 1, 2016.

Sam Smith on Twitter

I'm logging off for a while. Some Martinis shaken not stirred are definitely in order.

The only times he's surfaced was in times of tragedy for the Gay community, like the Orlando shooting:

Sam Smith on Twitter

My heart is broken. Let people be people, let's love together. The world is with you Orlando ❤️


And in George Michael's passing:

George Michael. Words can't express how much you and your music meant and means to me. Please play his music as loud as you can today and celebrate one of the most magical, talented, bravest and important figures in music and life as I know it. Your music and message will live on. I would not be the artist I am if it wasn't for you.

See this Instagram photo by @samsmithworld * 129.4k likes


His site only shares plug-in's for his social accounts, and lists that he has no tours scheduled, either.


So, could he be writing? Could he be pulling an Adele and taking some time off? Where are you, Sam?! We need your talent back something fierce!


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