David Allan Boucher...Guys and Valentine's Day

I don't know if women know how much anxiety is involved with Valentine's Day.  It's filled with...EXPECTATIONS!  And then the paranoia sets in..."Did I spend enough?"  "Should I have gone with the sentimental, or the practical?"  "What was she hoping I would get her?"  "Maybe we should go to her favorite restaurant!  Oh, wait, I didn't make reservations in time, and the only availability is at 3:30 in the afternoon or 9:45 at night!"  "Is chocolate and candy a no-no nowadays?"  "Don't flowers just die after a few days?"  "Does she expect expensive roses?"  Everything tells you..."I just KNOW, I am going to screw this up!"

Is it necessary to overspend to make your point?  OY!  The only advice I would give other guys is to...PLAN...well ahead of time!  Reservations need time.  Ordering something to be delivered needs time.  Planning a getaway or adventure...needs time!  Make sure you get your Valentine's plan done well ahead of time!

I know every couple is different, so here are some diverse and flexible ideas for you and your significant other...and some ideas for different budgets.  Start planning now, and you will reap the rewards for a long time.  😉

Men's Guide to Valentine's Day