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Leonardo DiCaprio Meets "Salt Bae", Internet Explodes

By now, you’ve definitely seen a meme involving “Salt Bae”. He’s the hottie Turkish chef who expertly sprinkled salt onto meat, instantly becoming the newest meme sensation of 2017.

محسن on Twitter

When you use "thus" in an essay

Clara Amfo on Twitter

Saltbae memes are at peak levels and I am 1000% here for them all.


But Salt Bae’s popularity has reached even greater heights after Leonardo DiCaprio was seen dining at his restaurant. Yes, the Oscar winning actor had the chance to experience the salt sprinkle in-person. Just check this out:


2017 Oscar adayi sensin dedi#saltbae #saltlife #salt @leonardodicaprio

See this Instagram photo by @nusr_et * 639.8k likes


It doesn’t get any more meme-worthy than that. Go ahead and try to top it, 2017. We’ll wait.


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