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Trump Special Bumps TGIT Season Premiere

Nobody wants to be interrupted while their favorite show is on, especially a season premiere.

For most of America, Thursday means two things: it’s almost Friday, and it’s time to watch Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder.

Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder, better known as TGIT, were originally scheduled to resume on January 19th. But, these plans have now been derailed by ABC’s Trump special scheduled for the same night.

The America’s First Family: The Trumps Go To Washington special will air instead on January 19 at 10pm. Before the special airs, ABC will air repeats of both Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal at 8pm and 9pm.

TGIT will resume the following week (January 26), but that doesn’t mean fans are gonna be super forgiving about the last minute change. Trailers for Shonda Rhimes’ big night have been airing for weeks, building anticipation amongst loyal viewers. I imagine this was a tough decision for the network to make, but also one that could have been avoided, assuming the special is being pushed because of Trump's Inauguration the following day.

Regardless, if it was poor planning or an actual necessary move, legit TGIT fans will just have to be patient and hope the season premieres are well worth the wait.

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When you find out the Scandal premiere has been pushed back another week. #Scandal #TGIT

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