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The Empires Of The Real Momagers Of Entertainment

Momagers. They exist. 

Through the entertainment industry, there's a ton of "momagers." Well, in honor of today's Birthdays of Kyle Richards AND Yolanda Foster, we've got to make note of some of the empires that spawn from moms directing their children (or just giving birth to them) to launch their careers.


Yolanda Hadid (Foster)

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Though she's had the last name of FOSTER, you know her two daughters Gigi and Bella Hadid. Well, Gigi has sung for Josh Groban as backup before modeling (thanks Step-Dad, David Foster), and Bella followed in her sister Gigi's footsteps, and now both of them are models. Neither of them can be credited at tackling that first big step of being noticed on their own, but it's all thanks to dear ol' mum. They were especially launched into the spotlight when Yolanda accepted and showed off her life on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Now the girls are both Victoria's Secret Angels, among other branded fashions.


Kyle Richards

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Kyle Richards is more of a spawning sense of fame due to her famous family. Ever heard of the Hiltons? Well, Kyle is Paris and Nicky's aunt. The fam is sort of split, considering that Mauricio isn't invited to any events anymore because Rick Hilton wouldn't make him partner after working with them for so long, so he left his business. Umansky wasn't invited to Nicky Hilton's wedding, which caused the rift. Kim Richards mom, Kathy Dugan, was painted in the 2006 House Of Hilton show that acccording to The Daily Mail (Inquisitr), she was a dysfunctional stage mom. She's also described as a "gold digger" and wanted Kim, Kathy, and Kyle to marry rich.

Kris Jenner

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We all know the story about the Kardashian family, pretty much. But Kris Jenner really should teach Marketing Classes for how she handled all these daughters becoming instant celebs. Being known as Robert Kardashian's wife, the attorney and friend for O.J. Simpson, it made the K's on the map, and then she divorced him and married Bruce Jenner the same year. Casey, Brandon, and Brody Jenner became her step children (whom you rarely hear about), and the girls, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, joined the ranks of their franchised sisters and brother, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Rob. Once Kris hooked up with E! and Ryan Seacrest to make a show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians was born and led to many spin offs. Bruce transitioned into Caitlyn, the three K's still continued to reign with Kim being the most popular and marrying Kanye West, as well as Kendall being a Victoria's Secret model, and Kylie being a fashion and makeup designer. Rob got engaged to Blac Chyna, which happens to be Kylie's boyfriend Tyga's baby-mama, so they keep it all in the family, I guess. For the most part, Kris still manages everything to a certain degree, but Kendall and Kylie have tried to remove themselves from mom's management within the last few years.


Jaid Barrymore

#oldmagazine What a fun day. I saw wonderful little Windows into my life. I am glad I am as happy as I was when I was a kid and vice versa. I love life. I am Grateful always. #oldstorageunitday

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This story is kind of interesting in a very sad way. Drew Barrymore's mother got Drew started in the business, as her family of Barrymore's are pretty much acting royalty. She kicked off in a dog food commercial at 11 months old, according to The Guardian, and was drinking by 11, doing drugs by 12, tries to commit suicide at 13, and legally divorced her parents at 14. Talk about a crazy life! Drew's book Wildflower puts some of it into perspective, but Drew's life was pretty hard, despite her fame. She was acting in bigger films by the time she was over 5, but ET was what The Guardian says is her claim to fame. Drew was exposed to the party life and Studio 52, and that's where all the partying began. Obviously, she grew from all those experiences, and is one of the most well known actresses, but man, it was a hard road to get there, thanks to Momager Jaid.


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