Sue's Entertainment Update: Drama Behind The Scenes At Golden Globes.. Gronk Starring on 'Family Guy'

Drama behind the scenes at the Golden Globes... Gronk starring on Family Guy and Monopoly wants to change some of the classic tokens!



We can watch the Patriots game on Saturday night and then more Pats on Sunday when Rob Gronkowski will be featured on Family Guy. Back in the fall, The Simpsons did an all-Boston episode featuring a lovable tight end named “Dom Bonkowski.” Now, another Fox comedy, Family Guy, getting in on the action. Gronk will voice an animated version of himself in an episode titled “Gronkowsbees.” The official synopsis of the episode: “Rob Gronkowski, of the New England Patriots, moves into the house behind the Griffins, and the guys enjoy partying with him until his antics become overwhelming.”

Mariah Carey just became the latest victim on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. The singer's star was vandalized on Monday night as someone drew a question mark at the end of her name with an ink marker. It's already been fixed but not before some people got some photos of it. She's of course been criticized for her botched New Year's Eve performance. Not sure if this is related but police are looking for whoever is responsible.

Investigators in France now focused on the possibility that the robbery of more than $10 million worth of jewelry from Kim Kardashian may have been an inside job. One of her chauffeur's and his brother have been arrested. But they are only two of 17 people that were taken into custody Monday.  Kim has not commented on the arrests.

What exactly went down between Sylvester Stallone and Casey Affleck at the Golden Globes?  Sylvester Stallone was supposed to be seated near Casey Affleck and Matt Damon at the Manchester by the Sea table. However, when Stallone and his wife Jennifer Flavin arrived, there was only one seat available. Everyone tried to shuffle around but the couple decided to retreat to the green room and watch the show from behind-the-scenes. They later got another chair so they could join the table, but Stallone refused. Now Affleck is apologizing but apparently Stallone is still not happy.

The next generation of the Monopoly game may include new tokens. Longtime staples of the game including the hat, the Scottie dog and the wheelbarrow may be replaced with things like a winking emoji, a hashtag and a cell phone. Even some bunny slippers are in the running. Hasbro began a worldwide contest to let the public choose. You can go to Vote Monopoly - dot - com through the end of this month to pick your favorites. They'll announce the results in March and the new tokens will go on sale in August.