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Shark Tank Invests In Naturally Perfect Dolls

Diversity in the toy industry, when it comes to dolls for multicultural little girls, tends to be a little... slack.

After a fairly short negotiation, the popular business reality show Shark Tank has decided to invest 200k into the business Naturally Perfect – a multicultural natural haired doll line catered to making young girls feel beautiful.

The owners Angelica and Jason, decided to create these dolls after their daughters, Sophia and Sydney. One day, Sophia wasn’t happy with her natural hair, skin tone and facial features. Sophia wanted the features as the doll she played with, fairer skin and straighter hair. At that moment Angelica knew something had to change.

By taking the business to Shark Tank, they hoped to get an investment to be able to expand the line and asked for 200k for 20% equity of the company. At first, none of the shark investors were interested in taking on the task. But eventually, FUBU founder Daymond John agreed to the 200K, 40% equity of the company and having 10% donated to a charity. Naturally Perfect had their investor.

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This pitch is naturally perfect in every way!


Naturally Perfect’s mission is, "to change the standard of beauty, one doll at a time for young girls, while encouraging self-acceptance, diversity and exposure."

The line consists of four unique dolls, that have 18 inch naturally, kinky hair. You’re able to wash, comb and style the hair into popular natural hairstyles such as braids or even twist-outs. The doll also has women of color features, such as wide noses and full lips.

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Finally! This is long overdue.



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