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Matt Damon Pranks Strangers For A Chance To Attend 'Jason Bourne' Premiere!

Matt Damon wants you to come with him to the Jason Bourne premiere...

"We set up a simulation to give unsuspecting people the chance to feel like they're in a spy movie," he explained in a video for fundraising site Omaze. "All they have to do is trust me." But what they really had to trust was an unknown voice on the phone, because the targets didn't even get the chance to see who was behind the fun until it was over.


Matt Damon Pranks People with Surprise Spy Mission // Omaze

Over the course of film history, plenty of unsuspecting bystanders have found themselves involved in spy games. Here, Matt Damon decides to take the classic scenario to real-life shoppers in Los Angeles. Are you ready to be a spy? Enter here: http://bit.ly/JasonBournePremiere Each entry of $10 or more supports Water.org, a nonprofit dedicated to providing clean water in developing countries.


Those who played along picked up a mysterious manila envelope and were given clues that led them to a special location — and led them straight to Damon. After the hilarious pranks, they found out that they'd won tickets to the July premiere of the new "Bourne" movie.  They learned that, although they got lucky this time, they probably should have just dropped the phone like the others did. "In the future, when people call you with requests like that, don't follow them!" Damon insisted.

But if you want to join Damon at the premiere, you don't have to take any risks at all. A $10 donation at Omaze.com/Matt offers a chance to win just that — and a chance to do some good.

All proceeds raised go to support Damon's charity Water.org.