A Blast From The Past: 'Match Game' Is Coming Back!

If you're unaware what Match Game is, you're in for a real treat. 

Jack Cassidy, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Conny Van Dyke, Richard Dawson, and Betty White. And of course, the national treasure, Gene Rayburn. These were some of the names you'd come across while watching Match Game 75.  And if you're from the era of Match Game, you know how crazy and amazing it can get. If not, watch a little of this to get a taste:

Match Game 75 (Episode 505) (Crazy, Funny Opening)

The Match Game gang has gone crazy. Check out why!! Jack Cassidy, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Conny Van Dyke, Richard Dawson, and Betty White


Now that you realize why this has to be reinvigorated, know that the role of Gene Rayburn will be played by the ever so handsome and charismatic Alec Baldwin.

This is about to get real hysterical real fast, let me tell you!

The first episode alone will include Tituss Burgess, Sutton Foster, Rosie O'Donnell, Michael Ian Black, Debra Messing, and JB Smoove!

Now, the purpose of this show is bringing on the every man and have them finish a sentence based on their thought process, and then the celebrities have to match the answer that the contestant made. [For y'all young folks, it's similar to Cards Against Humanity, without having a pot of suggestions to choose from.]

For example, here's a question from the vintage Match Game 75 clip.

"Dumb Donald was so dumb, he went through the Tunnel of Love without a __________."

The contestant answered "without another person."

The celebrities chose "a girl," "a broad," "a date," "a girl," "girl," and "girl."

Now, normally, they are a little more broad than that as a response, but it's the banter and chemistry between celebrities that really makes the show go wacky!

So, when we got word today that this was coming back, we almost flipped our _____!


See what we did there?


P.S. ABC, bring Betty White back on!


GALLERY: Images From ABC's Match Game!


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