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Dog Yoga Is A Thing - And You Should Learn More About It!

You might think it's crazy, others might thing it's awesome. Let's learn a little bit about Doga on International Yoga Day!

But first, let's consider why people do regular Yoga. The Huffington Post shares this in their write up of Why Do People Do Yoga?

"More than 90 percent of people come to yoga for flexibility, stress relief, health, and physical fitness. But, for most people, their primary reason for doing yoga will change. Two-thirds of yoga students and 85 percent of yoga teachers have a change of heart regarding why they do yoga — most often changing to spirituality or self-actualization, a sense of fulfilling their potential."

From that mindset, it makes sense as to why yoga for dogs would help strengthen the bond between owner and pet, as The Bark shared here:

“Like yoga, doga balances, harmonizes, purifies and transcends the body and mind of the practitioner,” says doga teacher Madhavi Bhatia. “What makes doga unique is the practice and benefits that create a harmony and synchronization of energy flow between the owner and dog.”


Everyday Health explains further as to why this will relax you:

"On a practical note, doga classes enable you to bring your pooch to yoga. No longer do you have to feel guilty about leaving him or her at home. And here’s the good news: Dogs really benefit from doga whether they participate or not. They pick up your energy. That’s all that matters. When you become still, your dog becomes still."


Well, that's one way to get your workout in and spend quality time with your pups. Plus, it's literally doggone cute! (Bad Pun, Not Sorry!)

Pooches Raise a Paw to 'Doga'

Dogs can now join humans in a Seattle yoga studio, aligning mind and body by doing 'doga.' (March 29)


Though locally, we're not able to pinpoint if there are actual Doga studios popping up that aren't on the West Coast, many studios will do it as a fundraiser for local shelters. Keep your ears peeled and try to link up with some Dog Yoga, or find online tutorials (with Doctors and Vets permission, of course). We're sure if it's becoming all the rage like dog and cat cafe's, that Doga is right around the corner.


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