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Beyonce Being Sued For 'Lemonade'

Apparently, someone thinks the Queen Bey is a copycat. 

According to E!, Beyonce is being sued by a director named Matthew Fulks for ripping off "substantial parts" of his film PALINOIA. 

Fulks believes that Bryan Younce, Senior VP of Video and Content Production at Columbia was sent the work that he had created and the works were forwarded.

Younce had requested Fulks to submit more in hopes of a job opportunity, and then, magically, LEMONADE was released around the same time.

Check the screen shots... Kinda hard to not see the similarities.

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@BEYONCE IS BEING SUED FOR #LEMONADE ... Didn't see that coming. http://www.graziadaily.co.za/hot-stories/beyonce-is-being-sued-for-lemonade/ ...pic.twitter.com/a5Phv9kkaR

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Beyonce is being sued by a man who claims he owns grass as intellectual propertypic.twitter.com/7jXcHysGOW

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