Mark Laurence...Summer Movie Season

‘Tis the season to talk about summer movies.  “Summer” at the movie theater means approximately May 1st, so we’ve already had the first blockbuster,, Captain America which already made over $200 million in its first week.  I know, money making does not equal a great movie, but it’s probably the best measure of what will end up as the movie of the summer.  So that’s certain to be one of the final candidates.

What else will get you away from your Netflix?  George Clooney hopes it’ll be Money Monster.  I’ve seen the preview at just about every movie I’ve gone to this year, and it’s on my list to see, but I’m skeptical about whether it’ll be a hit.  We’ll know more after it opens this weekend.

Pink has the hit song in Alice Through The Looking Glass.  It’s not on my “must see” list but actually I think it’s going to do well.  It’s not a typical Disney cartoon movie but they do know animation.  That’s out in a couple of weeks.

After that, it’s déjà vu time…sequels to box office hits, and sequels to movies you never even knew had a part one! X-Men Apocalypse and Finding Dory are follow-ups to movies I’m pretty sure you know well, but did you really expect a Chapter 2 for The Conjuring or Now You See Me?  It’s like the kids after every ride at the amusement park:  “Let’s do that again.  Again!  Again!”

We’re only up to the middle of June, so there are a lot more blockbusters, sequels, and a few quirky original ideas to come, even before the 4th of July.  Stay tuned for our next chapter.