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Selena Gomez Is Donating Tour Proceeds To Lupus Research

Selena Gomez's rep says that she will donate from every ticket sold to the Alliance For Lupus Research, according to The Hollywood Reporter

For those who have forgotten, Selena had to cancel parts of her Stars Dance tour to undergo Chemotherapy for her diagnosis of Lupus.

The story on THR quotes Selena's excitement on the tour and her health:

“This show is so centered around me, and I mean that in a way of confidence, of strength... It has a beautiful feel to it, but it is about me, so if I wanted to come in one day and say I want to change [a song in the show] or add this, I can do that. That’s the first time I’ve ever really been able to do that in my life. And I feel, I feel great about it. It’s not me making sure I hit all the dance moves.... There’s so much I want to prove to myself for this tour and it’s just based on me, it’s based on my voice, it’s based on what I say to my crowd... That’s all I really want.”

Not at all to bring the Biebs into this, but Selena is not the first to donate proceeds from ticket sales this year, as her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber donated a dollar from every ticket sale to a struggling school in Detroit with the help of Ellen DeGeneres, according to The Daily Mail.

The reach for treatment for Lupus certainly needs a face like Selena to bring it to the forefront, and we commend her for wanting to help others!


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