David Allan Boucher...What Is Success

Out with friends recently when the discussion touched on success and accomplishment.  Some thought  the right clothes, the right car, living where you want, the right haircut, the perfect job all were signs of success.  How about you?  If someone were to ask you cold turkey, what signifies success and accomplishment to you?  What would your answer be:  I guess there’s a difference from what projects success…and how you might define it for yourself personally.

Today, just 25 percent of adults say “a lot of money” signifies success and accomplishment, down from 33 percent in 1996. What people most associate with success and accomplishment:

  • Satisfied with your life: 83
  • In control of your life: 80
  • Have a good marriage: 78
  • Really good at your job : 69
  • Can afford what’s important: 66
  • Have successful children: 63