Gavin Rossdale’s Ex Nanny Pregnant, Ben Affleck Surprises Fans In The Batmobile, JK Rowling’s Newest Articles & Jimmy Kimmel 2016 Emmy Awards Host




Gavin Rossdale - Gwen Stefani’s ex - admitted to a 3-year affair with the couple’s nanny which ultimately led to their divorce. Well now that same nanny, Mindy Mann, is pregnant. She does have a boyfriend but hasn’t confirmed the identity of the father. Mann and Rossdale were seen having lunch just last week. Yikes - what a tangled web!

Ben Affleck plays Batman in the new Dawn of Justice movie…well some fans got the shock of their life when they were visiting the Warner Bros studio lot and the actor actually pops out of the Batmobile! Aside from the general shock of having one of Hollywood's biggest stars emerge, a few people weren't convinced it was really him, asking if he was real and even getting up in his face for a closer look! Check out the video on our MAGIC Facebook page.

JK Rowling will publish four installments of what she’s calling “Magic in North America” to introduce audiences to a new place and time in her wizard world. The articles will be posted over four consecutive days starting today on

Jimmy Kimmel will host the Emmy awards. When the news broke, Kimmel said, in true Kimmel fashion, “I think I’ll be great.” The nominations come out in July, the show airs in September.