Mark Laurence...Movies Are Looking Up For March

I don’t think any regular movie-goer will disagree that things have been pretty slow at the theatres for a couple of months. Yes, there was true excitement with Deadpool, a movie that took its own creators by surprise at how big a hit it turned out to be. I’ve never seen a movie theatre add screenings, one after the other, on opening night as it sold out, and that’s what happened with Deadpool.

But there was also Norm of the North, and The 5th Wave, and The Choice and a bunch of other critical and box office losers.

But now comes March, and things are looking up! The movie I’m excited about is Batman v. Superman - how can you not wonder who’s going to win this epic comic-book fight?
Then there’s Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, an action-adventure-comedy starring Tina Fey; and for family fun, Zootopia –gotta love the slow-talking Sloth!: and the action drama London Has Fallen –Morgan Freeman in Washington, again! All of these movies open on the same day, first weekend in March.

And the next weekend, a movie that’s won me over with its terrific trailer, which you might have seen on the Super Bowl. John Goodman stars in 10 Cloverfield Lane, opening March 11. Finally, it’s looking like a good month for the movies!