Grammy's Best & Worst Dressed, Springsteen's Disarming Candor & The Wealthiest Female Singer

A big night for the music industry - Grammy night!! We’ve got a full list of winners on the home page so I thought I’d weigh in with my picks for best and worst dressed.

I loved Ellie Golding's red carpet look – a soft pink gown that was very simple in front but then had some really cool, fringe-like beading in back. Taylor Swift showed more skin than usual but looked flawless in a two piece ensemble – a hot pink skirt with an orange tube-like top. Adele and Carrie Underwood always look classy. I also thought Kaley Cuoco’s sparkling jumpsuit was a huge hit and really showcased her toned abs! And finally, what man could pull off a pink suit? Sam Hunt - he looked amazing!

On the worst dressed side, I didn't like Demi Lovato’s red carpet look, just too dark - black gown, black hair, black nail polish (I did like her outfit for the Lionel Richie tribute). I liked Selena's blue sequence dress but thought it looked small. She’s tiny to begin with so why squeeze into a one-size-too-small dress? And then we have the outfits worn by Joy Villa and Dencia….what were they thinking?


The Boss has a book deal. Bruce Springsteen coming out with an autobiography that will be published in the fall. The title is Born to Run and it will be released on September 27th, that would be four days after his 67th birthday. Springsteen says he will tell his story with “disarming candor.”


Madonna is the wealthiest female singer on the planet. She’s worth more than a billion dollars. The money comes from her music sales, concert tours, clothing and business ventures. Celine Dion comes in second at more than 600 million. Third place is Maria Carey. Rounding out the top five were Gloria Estefan and Dolly Parton. Who knew?


At the box office over the weekend…Deadpool, Kung Fu Panda 3 and How to Be Single were the top 3 films…Zoolander 2 came in at a disappointing 4th