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Dean Signs On To Gilmore Girls, Completes Boyfriend Trifecta

It's official! Dean, Jess, and Logan have all returned! Jared Padalecki is the last to confirm his return.

E! confirms they got the green light on Padalecki returning to Stars Hollow, officially re-cementing the #TeamJess #TeamDean #TeamLogan fight. NOW INCLUDING HASHTAGS!

Our reaction for this news?


Yesterday, Milo Ventimiglia confirmed his return with a tweet of his script, which also caused a bombshell that Sutton Foster was also listed on the script on the corresponding page. Bustle showed an edited version that, though faded, could very well be her name. It's unknown whether she will reprise her role as Bunheads teacher, or if she will be a completely different role.

Can we just hurry this up? Or sleep till it premieres? This is madness waiting! MADNESS I TELL YOU!


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