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Matt LeBlanc Joins Top Gear As Host

I'm assuming everyone is having the same reaction we're having about this: 

Matt LeBlanc, most famously known for being Joey on Friends, will join Chris Evans (not that Chris Evans, the British one) and The Stig (the guy with the helmet in the photo below) to host BBC's car enthusiast show, Top Gear.

According to E!, Matt will be the first non-British host in the 39 year duration of the show, but we wonder exactly how this all came about. "Matt's a lifelong fellow petrolhead and I'm thrilled he's joining Top Gear," Evans said in a statement, as reported by E!. Matt was also the fastest celebrity on the track, which makes us wonder if that's how he got the job?!

See LeBlanc Take His Lap On Top Gear, Interview With Jeremy Clarkson

For fans of Top Gear, we're still feeling the loss of Jeremy Clarkson being booted from the job after some controversy, taking Richard Hammond and James May with him, as awesome friends and co-workers. Hammond and May felt Top Gear wouldn't be Top Gear without Jeremy. Anyone who watches that show and it's reruns knows that to be true.

The notorious team of three are now setting up their own version, expecting that it will stay the same format and zany behavior as the previous show, but the one caveat - The Stig stays behind with the real Top Gear, according to Digital Spy. There is still not a concrete name, but Gear Knobs has been registered by Clarkson's law firm, as well as Speedbird. 

So to the Friends lovers - now you have a reason to check out BBC's Top Gear, and for the fans of Clarkson, Hammond, and May... We'll wait for the Amazon version.


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