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Samuel L. Jackson Seems Less Than Thrilled With 'The Force Awakens'

On Popcorn With Peter Travers, good ol' Mace Windu himself seems very *blah* about what he saw in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Samuel L. Jackson gives what Travers calls "a very diplomatic answer" to him questioning if he liked the film. He also says that the "kids" need to go to "Lightsaber Fight School," which, if you're a hardcore fan of the story of The Force Awakens, you'll admit that it's on purpose that they are not skilled at fighting. (We say *They* to not give away any spoilers). Check out the clip here:

Recently, Jackson talked to Seth Meyers about his stint as Mace Windu, and how he didn't even know what he was playing until he showed up the day to begin filming:

Interesting to see even Samuel L. Jackson get excited about getting his lightsaber.


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