(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

You Can Now Control BB-8 Using The Force!

Check out Sphero's new tech toy, in which you can control everyone's new favorite Star Wars droid - USING THE FORCE! 

Well... Sorta.

BB-8, the cute little sphere that we see rolling around after the characters in The Force Awakens, will be controlled by a "Force Band" in which gestures that you make will control what movements it makes. It's also only currently a prototype model, according to The Verge, but more will come out as time goes on as to whether this model of BB-8 will be sold in stores.

Until then, there are many other versions of BB-8 you can get out there right now, including an app controlled version of BB-8.

Check out the video from The Verge on the App controlled version below:


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