5 Things You Need To Know In Pop Culture Today! (Jan. 4)

Here's a rundown of what's in the Pop Culture news this morning, corralled and curated for your viewing pleasure!

Maybe We Should All Just Leave Gwen and Miranda Alone??

Not that social media proves ANYTHING, but people are having an extremely wild reaction to Gwen Stefani liking one of Miranda Lambert's tweets about her grandma, even though she doesn't follow her on Twitter. Last week, it was the fact that Miranda followed Gwen on Twitter. Here's a thought: Maybe if there's no issue with Miranda and Blake Shelton (as they've also tweeted to each other before), maybe there's no issue with Gwen and Miranda? Maybe Blake and Miranda split and it's all good - even if maybe it's sort of being pushed in Miranda's face constantly that Blake has moved on. We know that Miranda  is a strong woman - she's probably got a lock on it - and now she's also moved on. So bottom line - maybe there's no need to make this a Miranda Vs. Gwen deal, and just be happy for everyone? We certainly like that idea!


Anne Hathaway Shows Off Her Baby Bump In A Non-Anne Type Way

Anne has always been pretty modest with her photographs, so posting a bikini pic was out of the ordinary, even to her, but she's so proud of that baby bump and is rockin' it! We're so happy for you, Anne!

Happy 2016 to my beautiful Instafriends! So, posting a bikini pic is a little out of character for me, but just now while I was at the beach I noticed I was being photographed. I figure if this kind of photo is going to be out in the world it should at least be an image that makes me happy (and be one that was taken with my consent. And with a filter 🙂 Wishing you love, light and blessings for the year ahead! ⚡️


Miley And Liam Again?!

If it brings Miley Cyrus any sense of normalcy, we're all for her getting back together with Liam Hemsworth. She seemed the most normal with him, and now, E! reports that they might be back on again. They were spotted at a music festival while packing on PDA, and even Liam's sister-in-law Elsa Pataky (Chris's wife) shared photos of Miley and her hanging out. Let's hope that this is a good sign!


Hey those #mileyraycyrus and #liamhemsworth rumors might be true(previous post)! This photo of them hanging out in Australia just surfaced online!

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ICYMI: The First (Sorta) Picture Of Saint West

As we know, any big portraits will be probably published in some magazine, but the first photo of Saint West dropped on Kim Kardashian's Instagram while his sister, North, held his hand. Kim said that Nori's response was "He's my best friend." If there's one thing we know about those Kardashians, their siblings mean EVERYTHING to them.

She said, "He's my best friend."

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Starbucks Adds A New Drink To It's Permanent Menu

Starbucks just added a latte macchiato to its permanent drink listing, and we're too excited to try this one out! Starbucks Press Room describes the drink as the following:

"The new Latte Macchiato features steamed whole milk that is perfectly aerated and free-poured creating dense foam reminiscent of meringue. The beverage is then marked by slowly-poured full espresso shots, creating a signature espresso dot. Starbucks baristas will use this carefully crafted technique to draw out an intensely bold and roasty flavor that highlights the Starbucks espresso in the beverage."

Check out the diagram below from Starbucks Press room to see the difference:



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